Case Study 3

How we scaled an food & beverage brand’s email marketing revenue from $62k/month to over $97k/month.

$62k/m to $97k/m Niche: Supplement


In the middle of May 2023, we teamed up with a supplement brand ready to get more out of their large email list. They were doing okay but felt they were sitting on a gold mine that wasn’t paying out as it should.


Brand had a really large email list but they were making little to nothing from their email campaigns. In-house person that was in charge for email marketing was blasting image slice only emails with spam-triggering words in their subject line which resulted in bad deliverability.

Before us

  • No segmentation - sending emails to the entire subscribers list
  • Bad deliverability - A lot of images were landing in spam
  • Poor campaign strategy - they were spamming their subscribers with promotions.

Our Solution

AJ Media quickly identified and implemented crucial changes:

  • Fixed Deliverability: We set up the DNS properly to get emails into inboxes, not junk folders.
  • Segmentation: We broke down the large list into targeted segments for more personalized communication
  • Converting emails - We researched their customers and leveraged brand’s biggest unique selling point to increase conversion rate.


The approach we took delivered solid results:

  • The company saw a 56% increase in email sales, going from $62,550.47 in July to $97,807.43 in June.
  • Brand continued to grow very fast by turning 1-time customers into repeat customers