Case Study 2

How we scaled a food and beverage brand’s email marketing revenue from $31k/month to over $57k/month in just 30 days!

$31k/m to $57k/m in 30 days Niche: Food and Beverage


At the end of May 2023, Diana, the owner of a cookie box business, reached out to us with a problem: their one-time buyers weren’t returning for more. They needed help making their first-time customers stick around and shop again. That’s when they partnered with us at AJ Media.


The company's main issue was straightforward: people loved their products enough to buy once, but they weren’t coming back for a second round. The company wanted these customers to return and continue enjoying their cookies. While the pre-purchase flows and campaigns were doing a good job, they were really leaking and leaving a lot of money on the table with the post-purchase part

Before us

  • No proper post-purchase flow strategy.
  • Unsegmented campaigns - sending campaigns to the entire list.
  • Churn rate was very high

Our Solution

Our team worked directly with their in-team to create a cohesive strategy that would take a “just-looking” website visitor into a repeat customer and loyal fan of their brand.

Main changes we did:

  • Proper Post-Purchase: We created personalized post-purchase thank you flows for first-time and repeat customers. For first-time customers, the goal was to educate about the product, remove buyer's remorse, and initiate a second purchase. For repeat customers, the goal was to upsell on a subscription model since they had already ordered more than two times.
  • Campaign Strategy: We segmented their email list and personalized the campaign content to resonate with their audience.
  • Zero Party Data: We started collecting zero-party data through pop-ups and surveys that helped us optimize our content for future growth


The approach we took delivered solid results:

  • The company saw a 35% increase in total sales, going from $72,255.95 in July to $104,835.80 in August.
  • The revenue attributed to our email strategies grew significantly, making up over half of the total sales in August.