Case Study 1

How we added an extra $511,000 in email revenue in 3 months for food & beverage DTC brand!

$511000 in 3 months Niche: Food and Beverage


In December 2022, Chris, the founder of a Californian food & beverage brand, approached AJ Media seeking help with email marketing. His sales were going down month by month, although he recognized the untapped potential. The email list was quite large, but the strategy was all over the place


Previously, Chris had worked with an agency that wasn’t performing well; their entire strategy was leaking, with issues in pop-ups, flows, campaigns, segments, deliverability, etc. They were also spending a significant amount of money on Facebook ads without the capability to capture and convert that traffic into customers

Main challenges before us:

  • Slow list growth - a low-converting website pop-up was slowing their email list growth which also affected their revenue
  • Lack of campaigns - they were sending only one campaign per week to their entire list, and they were sending only promotional campaigns without educating & engaging with their subscribers.
  • They only had 1 flow - welcome series

Our Solution

Four days after bringing us onboard, we were ready to start 2023 on a strong note. We developed a 90-day success roadmap, which we followed to add an additional $511,000 in email revenue in 90 days

Main changes we did:

  • Reworked pop-up - We changed the website pop-up offer from 10% off to a gift with purchase (GWP), which increased their sign-up rate from 2.5% to 13%, which means we increased their welcome flow revenue by 5x just by improving pop up’s sign up rate.
  • Campaign - We segmented their list and applied our 80/20 rule when sending campaigns; 80% of campaigns were educational and engaging, while the other 20% were promotional. This way, we were able to show our subscribers our unique selling points and also educate them why they need our product.
  • Flows - We implemented 12 pre- and post-purchase flows that covered their entire sales funnel.


The strategic changes led to significant improvements within a three-month timeframe:

  • The total revenue increased to $1,172,126.42, a remarkable jump from the previous quarter
  • Attributed revenue from the email channel saw a 441% increase, accounting for 53.52% of the total revenue.
  • The changes in strategy also improved customers engagement, as evidenced by the rise in revenue per recipient from $0.03 to $0.07.